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Guiding Adventure Seekers Since 2004

"Truly bad ass!! Me and two of my friends did a survival training week on an island in the middle of nowhere.  We were a little worried after the first night when reality hit us that it wasn't a game.  We ended up learning a lot and we had fun doing it.  Willy made the trip fun even when we were having hard times with things.  Worth every cent and then some.  I feel I can actually survive if lost in the wilderness"  
- M Wilder,  Boston MA

"My girlfriend and I went backpacking with Willy on the Long Trail.  It was a lot of work but well worth it.  We got away from the rest of the world for a week and learned a lot.  We got to actually do everything, from tail cooking, setting up our tent and even learning how to make a proper cat hole.  I can't wait until i can get back to try something else."  
-G Martin, Edison NJ 

"We decided to go on a different family vacation.  We took a trip with EAVT.  It was something that brought us all together closer than we had been in a long time.  No TV no phone, nothing but wilderness and family for a week.  We had to work together to make meals, launch boats and set up camps.  We relaxed on the river and we had some exciting times over rapids.  This was not something we would normally do, that is why we did it.  If you're looking for 5 star hotels and hot showers this is not for you.  If your looking for riverside camping and taking a bath in a river than this is for you.  As a family we learned a lot and enjoyed getting back to nature and out of suburbia for a week."
J- Morganson, New Haven CT

"My friends and I where looking for a challenging trip to go on.  We decided to get lost with EAVT for a week.  There was four of us and we went into it knowing that it was not going to be easy.  We all had our skill sets so we thought that it would not be all that bad.  We ended up being rite and wrong.  We hiked into the woods in the middle of nowhere Vermont.  I mean nothing around you but woods and the sounds of the forest. Let me tell you at night the sounds of the forest can freek even the toughest guy out.  We ended up making a cool little campsite with shelters of sticks and ferns my buddy got us a fire going and we hunted and foraged for food.  When Will tells you he is not going to do it for you, he's not.  He teaches you everything you need to know.  Gives you pointers, shows you better ways to do things.  You learn to use your ability's learn to listen to your friends ideas.  Learn that it is ok to mess up in the situation because you are learning.  But when it comes down to it.  If i am ever lost in the woods I now feel I can last quite awhile on my own until help comes.  This is a must do.  One of the best vacations of my life and I sleep in wooden shelter and ate a grub soup one night."  
F-Mehta, New York, NY

"When I was looking for a vacation I had a ton of options, but i really wanted to just get away from it all.  My wife and I love to hike, we go on day trips outside of Boston on weekends. We decided to go backpacking with Will up in Vermont.  We packed up and headed into the woods for a week.  Wow what a choice.  It was amazing,  the woods, the views, the other people on the trail. We took our time and explored offshoot trails.  We ended up not making a few of the Long Trail camping spots, but that was ok because Will set up camp on the side of the trail and then in the morning Will showed us how to make it look like we never stayed there overnight.  One night we camped out beside a mountain lake, we took a bath in the lake and chilled out under the stars listing to the tree frogs chirp away.  Will makes the whole trip as easy as a 6 night backpacking trip can be.  Cooking trail meals over the fire, setting up a food drop, helping us with our tent, and making us feel totally comfortable trekking through the wilds of the green mountains."
K Boyd, Boston, MA

"Have you ever just wanted to leave it all behind? The phone, the tv, the traffic, the computer? Just leave it all behind for a week.  I did and I dragged two friends with me.  We decided that we wanted to go extreme.  So that is what we did.  We camped at a campground which was great for us because my friends were hesitant to begin with.  With hot showers and bathrooms they were fine.  We sleep in tents and had comfortable sleeping pads, not a hotel room but a great experience.  We went rock climbing, we had only been inside.  This was great, it was so much different and so much fun.  We got to try rappelling for the first time.  So so hard to go over the edge of a tall cliff, wow what a rush.  Our guide Will hung out with us at the camp site and help us make dinners and fires going.  Then the last day we went gorgineering and that was so cool, it was awesome.  We went inside a waterfall under the boulders and out into a pool at the other side.  If you want extreme and easy camping then this is the trip for you.  Exciting days and relaxing nights.  What's next girls?
Kathy, Philadelphia, PA